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Xfinity Home Review

September 21, 2021, Staff


We’ve evaluated and ranked

11 popular options to determine

the best home security system

for you.

Xfinity Home is Incomplete/Not



We’ve evaluated and ranked

11 popular options to

determine the best home

security system for you.


Xfinity Home is Incomplete/

Not Recommended.


Xfinity Home

Xfinity Home Review No Stars

TrustPilot TrustScore N/A

TrustPilot Customer Reviews N/A

App Store Rating 4.4 Stars

Google Play Rating 4.5 Stars

Xfinity Home

The biggest challenge with ranking Xfinity Home is that the home security system is seldom reviewed independently from Xfinity itself. Xfinity is primarily a cable tv, internet, and phone provider, and as such, they don’t get much love from consumers.

We’d like to believe that their home security offering is somehow more appreciated than the company in general, but we do not see information to support that.

On a positive note, Xfinity’s home security app did finish fourth based on combined App Store and Google Play reviews.

Read our full Xfinity Home home security review below.

Incomplete Grade: Best Home Security System

4th Place: Best Home Security App

Tied 2nd Place: Best Home Security Monitoring

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Xfinity Home Review, Continued

In an era where consumer reviews drive most purchases, it’s strange and unsettling to find an offering where the company doesn’t seem to actively take steps to encourage reviews. Granted, there’s no rule that states Xfinity Home, or our other Incomplete, Scout Alarm, have to engage on TrustPilot, but if not there, then where? 

On a positive note, the smartphone app scored 4.4 on the App Store, and 4.5 on Google Play.

Xfinity Home Review HSR Icon

TrustPilot TrustScore Incomplete

Xfinity Home Review HSR Icon

TrustPilot Customer Reviews Incomplete

Xfinity Home Review HSR Icon

App Store App Rating 4.4/5

Ranked 7th out of 11

Xfinity Home Review HSR Icon

Google Play App Rating 4.5/5

Ranked 2nd out of 11

What’s the significance of the TrustPilot TrustScore? We write more about how and why we use it in our methodology here, but in a nutshell, we can’t find another system for collecting and verifying customer reviews with a system as clear and reliable as TrustPilot’s. In fact, TrustPilot removed over 2.2 million fake reviews from their platform in 2020 alone. They’ve bet their business on quality, authentic reviews.

Xfinity Home Customer Reviews

It’s disappointing, but finding reliable, standalone customer reviews for Xfinity Home is challenging. There are plenty of reviews for Xfinity as a cable tv, internet, and phone provider. As a whole, they tend to paint a less than pretty picture.

Home security is a big commitment. It’s best to know what you’re getting into.

 The Winner

SafeStreets —

ADT Authorized Provider

ADT / SafeStreets Logo
5 Star Home Security

TrustPilot TrustScore 4.9 Stars

TrustPilot Customer Reviews 4.7 Stars

App Store Rating 4.8 Stars

Google Play Rating 4.8 Stars

SafeStreets — ADT Authorized Provider

Based on actual customer experiences, this isn’t really a competition:  SafeStreets has vastly more satisfied—and verified—customers on independent review portal TrustPilot, giving it the crown for Best Home Security System.

Our research also determined that the ADT Control app was the obvious choice for Best Home Security App. Additionally, ADT has nine state-of-the-art monitoring centers in North America, with over 146 years in business, earning it the title of Best Home Security Monitoring. Plus, ADT is the most trusted name in security. (Harris Brand Tracker, May 2021)

The reviews are clear: you are more likely to rate this choice ‘Excellent/5 Stars’ than any of the other providers.

Read our full SafeStreets — ADT Authorized Provider home security review here.

Winner: Best Home Security System

Winner: Best Home Security App

Winner: Best Home Security Monitoring