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Alder Review

September 20, 2021, Staff


We’ve evaluated and ranked

11 popular options to determine

the best home security system

for you.

Alder ranks in the 2nd Tier.


We’ve evaluated and ranked

11 popular options to

determine the best home

security system for you.


Alder ranks in the 2nd Tier.

 2nd Tier


Four Star Home Security

TrustPilot TrustScore 4.8 Stars

TrustPilot Customer Reviews 4.65 Stars

App Store Rating 3.0 Stars

Google Play Rating 3.2 Stars


Similar to Frontpoint, Alder has great reviews on TrustPilot, but while having even poorer reviews than them for their home security app on the App Store, and equally bad ratings on Google Play.

And as with Frontpoint, you are likely to be happy with your initial dealings with Alder, but you can also expect to be saddled with an inferior home security app for controlling and monitoring your  system.

Read our full Alder home security review below.

3rd Place: Best Home Security System

10th Place: Best Home Security App

Tied 2nd Place: Best Home Security Monitoring

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Alder Review, Continued

Alder had the second highest TrustPilot TrustScore, and 1,164 customer reviews, as of this writing, placing 3rd of out 11. The downside is that the App Store app placed second-to-last, while the Google Play app tied for 8th.

Ultimately, Alder ranked well against the competition, but needs a better app to truly compete.

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TrustPilot TrustScore 4.8/5

Ranked 2nd out of 11

Home Security Reviews Favicon

TrustPilot Customer Reviews 4.65/5

Ranked 3rd out of 11

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App Store App Rating 3/5

Ranked 10th out of 11

Home Security Reviews Favicon

Google Play App Rating 3.2/5

Tied 8th out of 11

What’s the significance of the TrustPilot TrustScore? We write more about how and why we use it in our methodology here, but in a nutshell, we can’t find another system for collecting and verifying customer reviews with a system as clear and reliable as TrustPilot’s. In fact, TrustPilot removed over 2.2 million fake reviews from their platform in 2020 alone. They’ve bet their business on quality, authentic reviews.

Alder Customer Reviews

1,164 customer reviews is the third smallest sample in this contest, excluding the two Incompletes. Although we would prefer to work from a larger volume, this still respresents a reasonable frame of reference.

This is how those reviews are broken down:

5 Star Home Security Review

86% 5 Stars

1,006 out of 1,164 Reviews

4 Star Home Security Review

5% 4 Stars

56 out of 1164 Reviews

3 Star Home Security Review

2% 3 Stars

23 out of 1,164 Reviews

2 Star Home Security Reviews

.5% 2 Stars

6 out of 1164 Reviews

1 Star Home Security Reviews

6% 1 Star

73 out of 1,164 Reviews

Projecting those reviews forward, we can see that Alder customers are highly likely to rate their experience with the company as “Great” or “Excellent.” Regardless, they are also likely to find the smartphone app lacking.