DIY or Not?

Find Out What Makes You More Comfortable

Safety First

Safety in our times and days is easier to attain than ever before; security isn’t something that office buildings or governmental offices have, security became so widespread that every single homeowner can easily purchase security systems and service contracts with no hassle. But is it really worth it?

The thirst to make security more available and affordable for all consumers worldwide led to the creation of “do it yourself security systems.” These systems are extremely easy to install and they virtually connect and easily tracked all around the globe. If I did not know any better I would say that the inspiration for the design came from baby monitors of our times, where the parents can view the house from anywhere as long as they are connected to the internet.

Companies such as Dropcam and Iris worked hard on designing and making simple to use systems that save a lot of money on the devices and installation, allowing average salary makers purchase and install these units themselves. But are these systems as sufficient as needed?

Todays DIY security systems are packed with movement sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, night-vision cameras and much more, connecting all of that to a live-streaming app on your phone wherever you go whenever you are away. These security systems keep you on top of your home at any single instant of the day. Some systems will even let you take live pictures during a break-in and other events.

Companies such as Iris have gone deeper into the service and also offer life alert devices for the elderly and energy management for the house. These DIY systems may not call the police directly at time of a break-in but they warn the customer on his cell phone immediately. DIY security systems are perfect fit for homes or small offices, allowing them to keep up their security while saving some money. These DIY systems most of the times do not cost a monthly service charge, just the one time purchase fee and the rest is taken care of.


Professionally installed security systems do carry very similar options and benefits, some more while others less, but by using a security company you are lured into spending money on left and right, if not with the devices then with the service, which is mandatory. Even though some companies provide you the security system for free they may still charge you for the installation and a ridiculously priced monthly service charge. The security you will have will be similar if not inferior, so why spend the extra hundreds of dollars if not needed?

Today’s market is shifting to DIY systems, and that applied to nearly everything. There are DIY car recoloring products, hardwood restoration products and many other products. The DIY security system industry is constantly growing and will always be improved and updated with the latest technology to make sure you are safe. In fact, according to a new report from NextMarket Insights, the traditional security market has all but ignored the one third of consumers who are renters, and has also neglected to provide affordable solutions for lower income consumers who, paradoxically, may be most in need of home security given the correlation between poverty stricken neighborhoods and crime rates.

Still in all, some experts would still argue that comparing professionally installed systems to DIY systems is like comparing apples to grapes. But some of these new DIY systems do have the same features or even better features, and even if not, they still provide some level of security for a very affordable price, where professionally installed systems are not affordable to those that really need them.