First Time Buyer?

A Place to Start Your Home Security Purchasing Research

Buying Your first Home security System?

From new movers and homeowners normally are faced with the question of security in their new area. When the question arises, we start to wonder what a quality system looks like and cost. There are so many providers and different scenarios as to home size, level of security desired, and pricing. This article will give a break-down of the types of systems and their general cost to purchase and own.
It’s easiest to look at home security pricing in two columns; Monthly Monitoring Cost and Initial Investment. Monthly cost for a monitored home security system can range from $20 – $60/month. This is a vast range for pricing. So I’m sure you’re asking, why don’t I just get the one for $20 since they are all the same, right? Wrong; there are some subtle differences between the $20 systems and the $60 system.
The different ways a monitored system communicates to the monitoring station has a direct correlation to the cost of the monthly monitoring. The systems that use a phone line will be the most inexpensive system on the market.
These systems are typically the ones in a home that is left in the home after a new homeowner takes over the system. Phone Line systems will do the trick for a rookie burglar that didn’t look at the yard sign and decided to break-in anyway without taking any precaution as to disarm the system prior to breaking in. The other option is that the burglar planned on “smashing and grabbing” before the police can show up. Regardless the event is rare for a burglar to either be so foolish or so desperate in breaking into a home.
Typically, if a burglar is breaking into a home with a known home security system (the sign in the yard article), they are doing it knowing that they are going to attempt to defeat the system. This is where phone line and internet based systems are most vulnerable!
Burglars can simply walk to the back of a home where the utility box is located and simply cut the lines. Not to mention; with an internet system, when the power goes so does your home security.
This is why cellular systems are more reliable. This is where there is a cellular chip in the panel, and the communication goes over the cell network to the monitoring station. This way, a burglar cannot simply cut lines outside to defeat your security system inside. Now, if you’re not worried about an intruder attempting to defeat the security system you have installed, then save on your monthly and get a phone/internet based security system.
However, you can probably save more by not getting anything at all, or a noise maker that beeps when someone breaks in at no monthly monitoring expense.